Valentine’s Day With Your Preschooler

Valentine’s Day With Your Preschooler

Valentine’s Day With Your PreschoolerThis Valentine’s Day, rather than indulging in candy, spend time pulling together a few creative activities for your preschooler.  It will only take a few minutes each day to set up these simple STEM activities to countdown to Valentine’s Day with your preschooler.  You could also print simple instructions and create STEM Valentine’s for your child’s classmates!

Decorate and build towers.  Offer your preschooler a stack of pink plastic cups and heart stickers to decorate and build cup towers.  See how many different structures they can create after they decorate each cup! After your preschooler has built different size towers, see how tall they can make their pretty cup towers.

Heart shape math puzzle.  Cut out triangles all the same size.  Trace a heart on a piece of paper and make sure all the triangles will fit inside.  Ask your preschooler to place the triangles together to fill the heart. Count how many triangles it takes to fill your heart!

Build heart rocket structures.  Use gummy hearts and toothpicks to build heart rockets to shoot straight to your little loves!  Inserting the toothpicks into the gummies will help develop fine motor-skills in your preschooler.

Candy Heart walls and bridges.  You’ll be bound to have left over candy hearts at home after all the Valentine’s parties.  Show your preschooler how she can build a wall stacking each of the hearts up. You can also place an index card over two cups to form a bridge.  See how many candy hearts you can stack on the bridge until the card collapses—guess how many it will take!

You’ll enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day by practicing these activities with your preschoolers, and avoid the sugar high from all the candy!

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