Introducing Fitness to Your Preschooler

Introducing Fitness to Your Preschooler

Introducing Fitness to Your PreschoolerHave you ever thought about the importance of fitness in your preschooler’s life? An active lifestyle is important for people of all ages, so why not introduce that concept to your little one early on! Here are some tips for showing your preschooler the value of staying active.

  • Add activity to your normal routine! Getting your preschooler active and moving doesn’t have to disrupt your entire schedule! By adding fitness into your everyday life, your preschooler may not even think twice about the change. If you’re watching a TV show with your little one, make an effort to do something active every commercial break. Or, if you’re going on a walk together, make an effort to walk a bit further than you normally do.
  • Create a neighborhood fitness group! If you live around other parents with children close in age to yours, start a community group revolving around fitness. Whether you all meet up at a park for planned activities or just simply go on walks together, having a group that is dedicated to the same mission as you is always helpful!
  • Lead by example: The best way for your preschooler to learn the importance of fitness is by seeing you living a healthy lifestyle. Show your little one how to be healthy by eating well and integrating activity into your daily life!

By helping your child begin a healthy lifestyle early, they will hopefully continue making smart decisions regarding their fitness into adulthood!

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