Helping Your Preschooler Navigate Their Emotions

Helping Your Preschooler Navigate Their Emotions

Helping Your Preschooler Navigate Their EmotionsHow wonderful that your preschooler has begun to identify his emotions…now what does he do with them?  Here are 5 books to read with your child to help them manage their emotions and actions. As you read these stories with your child, talk about the characters’ emotions and the choices they made that affected the story and other characters.  Help your child to understand that his choices and actions affect the people around him every day.

Glad Monster, Sad Monster: As your child discovers each new feeling, ask them to act it out and how they might respond when they feel that way.  It may seem silly, but it is important for your preschooler to practice with their emotions so they can recall them in the moment.

Grumpy Bird: As Grumpy Bird’s emotions change over the story, discuss what Grumpy Bird is feeling, and why his mood changes at the end of the book!

The Color Monster: While the color monster seems to be all mixed up, his friend helps him figure his emotions out and shares with the monster how he might act when he experiences each emotion.  This is a great way for your preschooler to hear how to connect his emotions with actions.

The Way I Feel: Is another great story to help preschoolers connect words to their emotions.  Your child may want to jump around, run, and scream, but why? What happened that made them feel that way?

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day: A classic story to read to your preschooler, Alexander has a really bad day.  But at the end of the day, Alexander realizes maybe it wasn’t that bad after all.

Your preschooler will be able to process through their own emotions by reading with you!

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