Pleasant Hill Academy Scholarship & Tax Credit Program

Pleasant Hill Academy has partnered with the Georgia Student Scholarship Organization (GASSO) to provide students with an incredible scholarship program while providing their families and companies with tax credits.  Families currently enrolled or planning to enroll in our Private Prekindergarten Program, After School Program, and Summer Camp are eligible to receive 90% of the total donation made on behalf of their child as a scholarship!*

Georgia Student Scholarship Organization, SSO, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization based in Cumming, Georgia. GASSO facilitates tax credit contributions from Georgia taxpayers (individuals and corporations) and distributes those funds to qualified Private Schools in the form of Student Scholarships.  This organization is dedicated to parent choice for quality education for children enrolled in Accredited Private Prekindergarten and Summer Camps.  Your child benefits because Pleasant Hill Academy is so highly accredited!

Every approved contribution to Georgia Student Scholarship Organization can be used as a 100% tax credit on a Georgia Income Tax Return. The total amount donated to Georgia Student Scholarship Organization can be used as a dollar for dollar credit against income taxes due to the State of Georgia. The donor can also take a charitable contribution deduction on their federal tax return. Credits are allocated on a first come first served basis. The State of Georgia has capped the maximum total tax credits at $58.3 million for calendar year 2018 for the entire state for this program.

Scholarship Process:

Student Scholarships are awarded to Pleasant Hill Learning Academy families who submit a donation and scholarship application. Students will receive 90% of the donated amount as a Scholarship that must be used towards Private Pre-K, After School, or Summer Camp tuition at Pleasant Hill Learning Academy. The scholarship will be credited to the child’s tuition account in equal bi-monthly installments over the course of the year. Scholarship applications are available through Pleasant Hill Learning Academy. Families are encouraged to donate and reapply for the scholarship yearly. Please note that the scholarship program is open to all Pleasant Hill Learning Academy students who are enrolled in eligible programs. The tax credit program is open to all Pleasant Hill Learning Academy families, their extended family and corporations. Parents of Infants through Preschool students may donate each year and receive the tax credit limits as noted above and may also be eligible to have their current yearly donations applied towards their child’s future Private Prekindergarten.

GASSO will have the Donor’s forms approved by Georgia Department of Revenue and will send the Donor all of the necessary paperwork they will need to file with their tax returns to receive the credit. GASSO updates the schools with the amount of donations received twice per month (on the 1st and 15th). This streamlined process will help the Donor receive timely approval for their donation and allow the schools to quickly award any funds donated for scholarships. The process repeats annually starting January 1 and is available until the entire $53.1 million in credits are used (on a first come first serve basis).

How the Process Works:

GASSO has simplified the process for making a donation and receiving the credit. All of this can be done on their website:

Click on the “Donors and Parents” tab to begin this process:

  1. The Donor completes Georgia Form IT-QEE-TP1 (Pre-Approval Form) on GASSO’s website
  2. The Donor completes a Donor Designation Form (also on the website.)
  3. The Donor completes an Authorization to Process Form IT-QEE-TP1.
  4. The Donor pays GASSO, Inc.
  5. The Donor returns a Scholarship Application form toPleasant Hill Learning Academy.

Please note that there are tax credit limits.

Business owners hoping to reduce their Georgia Tax liability can take advantage of the Georgia Childcare Tax Credits by making donations to GASSO.  Partnerships between business and parents can greatly benefit employees while providing tuition assistance for quality preschool at Pleasant Hill Academy.  For more information about how your business can donate, visit

*Donations to the Georgia SSO are Subject to Georgia Department of Revenue Approval. Scholarships are provided to Private Pre-K, After School, and Summer Camp Programs only. Infants – Preschool 3 and Georgia Pre-K Programs are not eligible to receive scholarships.

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